Finding the right Nerang childcare for your child is not a simple task. Especially with the current mushrooming of daycare centres in urban areas, it is an overwhelming experience with each centre promising the best for your child. It is confusing and frustrating if you don’t know what makes a daycare classified as a quality childcare provider. So before any family begins the search for a quality Nerang childcare facility, it should understand why a childcare facility is classified as quality and benefits the child’s development graph.

High-quality Nerang childcare facilities ensure that kids develop strong social, math, and language skills making it unnecessary for them to attend special classes further into their studies. A study shows that children who got quality childcare and early childhood learning are more likely to earn higher wages than the latter. They are also less likely to cross each other with judicial systems when they become adults because of the good manners instilled in them from the onset.

Here are characteristics to look out for when parents are finding quality child care facilities for their kids. But specific characteristics may become the determining factor when choosing a facility. Generally, parents should feel obliged to find a facility or a centre that is a safe and healthy environment. Knowing what you want for your child makes it less stressful when choosing a facility.

Small classes/group size

Small group size enables caregivers to have more interactive one-on-one sessions, where teachers and children create a strong bond between them. It, in turn, makes the children feel secure and safe.

The trained and continuing teacher training program

A daycare facility with qualified caregivers and room for them to advance further in their careers means the curriculum is well-curated to fit and match the needs of children in the system. Experienced staff develops appropriate ways to tailor the curriculum to accommodate children with special needs. It encourages staff to further their studies to benefit the facility and the children as the primary beneficiary. Further studies to uplift the staff’s minimum qualifications are essential and provide them with opportunities to cope with evolving educational trends.

Teacher turnover

Low staff turnover allows teachers to familiarize with the children and create relationships that will last for a long time. Low turnover means relief for the employer in motivating them to boost their morale and a willing heart to exert some little more extra efforts in their daily training.

Positive child-teacher interactions

Looking at the interaction between teachers and the children allows you to make a correct judgment to decide whether you have arrived at the right place. On the other hand, stressed teachers or caregivers are the first sign of mistrust and lack of proper leadership. Children will love learning in a fun and non-chaotic environment.

Accreditation and licensing

Childcare centres that do not meet the minimum requirements for licensing and accreditation should be a no-go zone for parents looking for quality childcare for their kids. Accreditation means the ability and the intent to provide quality care for children. Kinder Cottage has all the necessary certifications and permits to operate.

Safety and health

The first thing that gives many parents peace of mind when the child care facility assures health and safety concerns. And if a parent wishes to see their children amidst the day schedule, they should do so and try as much as possible not to interfere with nap time for children.